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New Year, Now What?


New Year, Now What is a FREE 2-hour online workshop to help you pinpoint your barriers, create an environment for success, and plan efficiently to move toward your biggest goals for the year! It includes a workbook you’ll complete as we plan together for your goals.

The Zoom link will be sent to registered participants before the workshop. 




It’s the New Year… NOW WHAT??

The first month of the year is OVER, and you may be feeling disappointed about the progress you did NOT make.

You started the year with the best intentions, but, then… life happened.

You got sick, or your workload increased, or you had a family crisis, or you lost motivation…

It could be any number of things. The point is, you’re not where you wanna be, and you’re feeling some type of way about it.

Matter of fact, you’re TRYING NOT to let your frustration kill your optimism toward your goals for the year.

And I’mma stop you right there, before you start self-sabotaging, and invite you to join my upcoming workshop!


We’re going to work together to plan out your next six weeks, making sure you’re setting achievable, REALISTIC goals.

But not only that, we’re also going to pinpoint your barriers (especially the ones you haven’t even considered) and outline your action steps (so you are consistently moving toward the goal).

I’ll give you the tools to discover what’s REALLY holding you back and how you can finally take CONSISTENT actions to achieve your dreams.


During this 2-hour virtual workshop, you’ll:

  • Get specific on what you want to accomplish
  • Identify what’s holding you back
  • Learn how to form healthy habits that will push you toward your goals
  • Learn the ONE BELIEF that will make or break your progress
  • Create an action plan for your goals

You’ll also receive a workbook to complete as we work through your six-week goals together!

The year is just starting, which means ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE in 2024.

Join me Saturday at 10:00am CST so we can plan for success and help you achieve your biggest dreams!

The Zoom link will be sent to registered participants before the workshop starts.



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