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I have to say health and fitness had fallen off my to-do list. Although in college, I worked out semi-often, after graduation and getting a “real job” it became one more activity that I could put off till tomorrow. And, eating a healthy diet, was NEVER a priority in the past. But, all of that has changed and I give Joy most of the credit for my continuing transformation. She has become more than an advisor, but a friend, helping keep me motivated to reach my goals. Her style is never pushy, but encouraging and she offers nutritional plans and information that a fast food junkie like myself can follow. Her workouts, while intense are targeted to strengthen her clients and teach them the skills they need to improve their endurance and stability. With her help, I have lost over 50 lbs and remain committed to improving my health for years to come. I would and do recommend Digg Deep Fitness to anyone looking to transform their bodies and improve their health. Thanks again Joy! I really couldn’t have done it without you!

Tiffany Watson, 37lbs, 11.5% body fat lost

Joy became my trainer at the gym when my previous trainer was promoted. I wanted someone that pushed me and made me work during the 30 minutes we had. Now don’t get me wrong, I would have loved to have a trainer that was a little easy, but I was paying for this workout and wanted to make the most of it. As I discovered, Joy was just what I needed. She was focused on me and made each workout count. She was conscious of making sure that we started and ended on time and she was always prepared with a great workout that made my body stronger and my stamina last. I truly enjoyed my work out sessions with her. And the bonus was that she not only provided a great workout, she was also interested in the nutrition aspect of the process and the day to day stresses that impact a full time working woman. I truly appreciated all the insight she provided and her weekly emails of encouragement to her clients. I have even saved a few so I can refer back to them when I am need more encouragement.

Overall, Joy has been one of the best trainers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and working with.

Julia Saldana, 15lbs lost

I was a client of Joy's years ago, just as my fitness journey began. Before I met Joy, I had NEVER been in a gym. She taught me how to work out and made me feel comfortable in the 'mans' area of the gym (free weights). That was almost four years ago, and I still work out 4-5 days a week. Joy is an awesome trainer and I will never forget her.

Jennifer Cook

We have been trained with Joy and the positive results are undisputed! Her gentle pushing got me back to running after the ACL surgery, lifting 85 lbs deadlift, 13 lbs fat loss, 5 lbs of lean muscle gain (size 8 jeans are out of the box again!). And my sweetie, David, is right there by my side, making it fun and enjoyable! We're have joined the spinning class now. MS-150, here we come!!! Thank you, Joy!

Oksanna Wright, 13lbs fat lost | David Wright, 17lbs fat lost


Joy has been a pleasure to work with. I started out thinking I won't make it through this first week, but I am now seven months in. The reason is Joy. I have worked with other trainers but have never been as motivated and comfortable as I am with her. Her knowledge of and passion for fitness and wellness are obvious in her work. I plan on continuing my journey of healthy living with Joy.

K. Hutchinson, 43lbs lost

Joy is truly a personal trainer in a class all her own. From the initial assessment, it is clear that she is more than just trainer who screams and shouts as a means to motivate you in the gym. In fact, she doesn't do any of that. She achieves results for her clients by being methodical, organized, detailed, and knowledgeable. She pays attention to the client, recommending a combination of diet and exercise designed to get results, and knows just how and when to push hard enough to maximize your potential. She's a class act and a fine example of what a professional personal trainer should look like. I strongly recommend her.

Adisa Nickerson, 45lbs lost

Since I have been training with Joy, I have accomplished things that I never thought I could do!  I am healthy, happy, more energetic and I just enjoy getting out and doing things. Life is so much more fun now and I look forward to my training sessions with Joy!  People ask me all the time if I will stop training with Joy and my answer is a resounding NO! To stop would mean going backwards and I have been there before not interested in going back!

Vikki, 15lbs lost


Joy is an awesome trainer!! I was never the type to workout consistently; however, that has changed drastically! She makes working out fun and she definitely cares about her clients. I've lost 25 lbs thanks to Digg Deep Fitness!

Nanalli Johnson, 27lbs lost

Training with Joy Diggs has changed my life and helped me to see my potential to achieve my fitness goals. When I started training with Joy, I was really frustrated because I was working with another trainer and was losing maybe 2 pounds a month. I was not seeing the results I wanted for the amount of time and effort I was putting into it. Once I started training with Joy, I started to lose weight and began to realize that my fitness goals were within reach. She gave me the motivation and the confidence to succeed. I began to lose weight consistently and she helped me adjust my diet to fit my needs. She was also able to push me to my limits and sometimes beyond! Overall, Joy gave me everything I needed to jump start my weight loss and boost my confidence. I would definitely recommend her as a personal trainer to anyone looking to start their own weight loss journey.

Heather Mets, 15lbs lost

Joy asked great questions about how to keep me motivated. She asked about what I was eating as well as my workouts without her. She challenged me to push myself to do things that I would not have done on my own. Without realizing it was happening, I became stronger and no longer out of breath when taking the stairs. I looked forward to our workouts to see what improvements I had made over the week in endurance and strength. Joy was right, muscle burns more calories so the more muscle you have, the easier it is to lose weight.

Suzan Walters, 20lbs lost

Joy Diggs is an extremely knowledgeable and effective personal trainer. She’s patient, encouraging, and precise. I was very lucky to have her as a trainer. And I’ve noticed great results in my health and personal confidence. Most importantly, I am able to apply what I learned from her into my workouts and my everyday life.

Averil Taylor, 30 lbs lost


supermarket tour
I went on a grocery store tour with Joy a month ago. The experience was amazing! Over the course of 90 minutes, Joy walked me through the store and pointed out new things to try based on my dietary preferences. Even more valuable, she walked me through easy and healthy recipes, and taught me how to read nutritional labels. Making small tweaks to my diet and shopping habits after this trip made a huge difference. I have lost seven pounds and learned how to navigate the grocery store so that I spend less on my weekly shopping trips and eat better tasting food. Outside of the grocery store, I have been able to apply what I learned on the tour at restaurants and meal planning for truly amazing results!

Nora Atkinson

After making my new year’s resolution to lose weight, and with no success, I began looking for someone to help me and Joy fit the bill perfectly! She pushed me when I needed it and made the 30 minute workouts fun. She helped give me the foundation to go it alone once I no longer used her services. She even went grocery shopping with me to get the proper nutrition and it has paid off immensely. And because I had no proper form or ability to balance myself in lunges or squats, she gave me at-home routines to help between sessions. Also her emails between sessions encouraged me and I still do the workouts and am still losing weight. I lost lots of body fat, my clothes fit better and I have a new attitude about what goes in my body and how and when to work which body parts. Thank you Joy for all you have done for me!

Phyllis Wilson

I started working with Joy on the nutrition because I was stuck in my weight loss journey. Although I work out hard seven+ hours per week, plus run/walk the dogs, I was stuck at my weight for months. When I started with Joy, she reorganized what and how I ate and tracked. By doing this, I was able to decrease my body fat by 2% over a 2 week period, so it was a jump start to get me off the plateau that I had been on for months.

Joy is an awesome, inspirational, caring fitness coach. I have worked personally with Joy on the nutritional side. She pays attention to the details and really works to understand what is going on. She is very prepared for our meetings and is very professional. She asks many questions so that she has a lot of insight. She goes through her findings and recommendations and then gives a written report…which is very helpful.

Joy provides a lot of insight into nutrition and explains it in basic terms. She knows her stuff. She also provides good insight into how to eat right and how to prepare meals for 1 person even on a budget. I feel so much better when I follow her program. I sleep more soundly and have more energy during the day.

Joy is very positive and has a very calming effect. She always has something good to say. She understands the challenges with weight loss and really works with her clients. I highly recommend her.

Willie Diefenbach-Jones

I asked Joy to assess my eating habits and provide feedback on ways that I can improve my nutrition. I wanted to know how many calories and the the proper amount of macronutrients (protein, fat, carbs) that I should be eating each day. Joy monitored my eating habits over the course of a couple of weeks and then made recommendations on changes that I should make. She also helped me with an area of weakness (making unhealthy habits when I don’t have time to prepare my meals). The best part of Joy’s recommendations was that, by monitoring by intake for a couple of weeks, she made recommendations based on the the foods that I already enjoy eating. Since then, I’ve seen my energy levels increase significantly, and my workouts are becoming more productive. I’ve always known that good nutrition is key to having the physique I want. What I didn’t know, and am now learning, is how nutrition affects everything else that I do, including working out harder.

I highly recommend Joy’s nutritional services. It has put me on a path to reaching my goals much sooner.

Kevin Plowden