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PowerPlate28: Summer Edition


You’ve been asking, and it’s here!!! Month #3 of the PowerPlate28 meal plan is now available!

You can also bundle the PowerPlate28 meal plan with the newly released Summer Shred Meal Plan and Summer Shred Progress Tracker. You’ll have everything you need for the summer season!

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PowerPlate28 meal plans make healthy eating SO much easier. Now available… the PowerPlate28: Summer Edition!

This has ALL 28 days of meals and snacks planned out for you, including all recipes and grocery lists!

The recipes are tailored to the summer, using fruits and veggies that are fresh and in season.

We know how time-consuming it can be to plan out meals, so we end up eating the same things over and over, or eating out WAY too often.

Now is the perfect time to try BRAND NEW recipes, so you can switch it up and add some new ideas to the mix.

The plan is wheat-free, dairy-free, and soy-free, limiting added sugars and highly processed foods.


The meal plan includes:

  • Delicious recipes, created to pack your body with nutrients, while tasting amazing!
  • Daily menu guide, telling you exactly what to eat for each meal and snack
  • Detailed grocery lists for all four weeks
  • Quick 30-minute meals so you won’t spend all day in the kitchen


Here are some of my favorites!



You may be wondering how many calories you need:

Every person requires a different amount of calories based on their height, weight, age, gender, and activity level. To calculate your recommended calorie needs, click here. Note: It is not recommended for most people to eat below 1200 calories without being on a doctor-controlled diet.



Bundle the PowerPlate28 meal plan with the newly released Summer Shred Meal Plan and Summer Shred Progress Tracker and get even more savings! You’ll have everything you need for the summer season. This bundle sale is an EXCLUSIVE when purchasing with the PowerPlate28 meal plan.


Over the past year, many of us have fallen off our fitness goals. We’ve been sitting around more often, ordering out instead of cooking, and packing on the pounds.

Sound familiar?

The Summer Shred meal plan was specifically created for my clients in the Summer Shred Virtual Boot Camp to help them drop more body fat for the summer.

Now, I’m sharing it with you!

Did you know the way you combine your foods can make a big impact on whether you lose or gain fat?

Do you know the key nutrient that determines how much muscle you keep while losing fat?

The Summer Shred Meal Plan provides the EXACT template showing you the types of foods to eat at each meal and snack, including portion sizes, to help maximize your results.

AND you won’t need to count calories or macros.

Just follow the plan to create delicious, balanced meals and snacks that will keep you satisfied as you shed the pounds!

Who is This Plan For?

  • You Don’t Mind Planning WHAT to Eat But You Want to Know How Much
  • Don’t Mind Weighing and Measuring Your Food
  • Serious About Results
  • Willing to Eat No More Than 1-2 Treat Meals a Week
  • ​Ready to Commit to a Plan For At Least 6-8 Weeks


What’s Included?

  • L​ower carb meal plan that provides an easy-to-follow template for all of your meals and snacks
  • ​Daily macro breakdown of 35% carbs, 35% protein, and 30% fat
  • Delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes based on foods you can find at your local grocery store
  • Recipes customizable for any calorie goal
  • ​Plateau Buster to tell you the EXACT tweaks to make to keep the progress going


The meal plan also comes with the Summer Shred Progress Tracker! Use the 3-month tracker to record your weight and measurements along the way. Set monthly goals and take notes on improvements you want to focus on from month to month.

The Summer Shred Meal Plan & Tracker will be available for immediate download after purchase.

Additional information

Calorie Amount

PowerPlate28- 1500 Calories, PowerPlate28 + Summer Shred Meal Plan- 1500 Calories, PowerPlate28- 1800 Calories, PowerPlate28 + Summer Shred Meal Plan- 1800 Calories, PowerPlate28- 2000 Calories, PowerPlate28 + Summer Shred Meal Plan- 2000 Calories


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