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PowerPlate28 7-Day Starter Pack

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Get a jumpstart on your health goals with this 7-day starter pack! Includes a Grocery Shopping Guide, Meal Prep Made Simple Guide, and 7-day PowerPlate28 Meal Plan.



Isn’t it time-consuming to plan out your healthy meals, attempt to choose healthy foods at the grocery store, and then spend even more time cooking for the week?

You’re busy, and you don’t like all the guesswork.

You’re bored from eating the same meals over and over.

Your grocery shopping trip is starting to feel overwhelming with all the new buzz words and trends. What are we even supposed to be eating anyway?

And your meal prep takes up your whole day. What ever happened to resting on the weekend?

Why can’t someone just tell you what to eat, how to shop healthy, and how to save time on your meal prep process?

Well, healthy eating just got easier!

I’ve bundled three of my products that will teach you how to grocery shop with purpose, meal prep like a pro, and exactly what to eat each day.

This Healthy Eating bundle includes:

  • Grocery Shopping Guide
  • Meal Prep Made Simple Guide
  • 7-day PowerPlate28 Meal Plan


Grocery Shopping Guide– This guide will provide some quick tips for selecting the best quality foods while not getting caught up in marketing buzzwords. There are sections for each major food group to breakdown what you should look for when shopping. Carry this guide with you to answer any questions you have during your shopping trip!

Meal Prep Made Simple Guide– If you want to save time and money by planning ahead for your healthy meals, this guide will teach you how to plan multiple meals in advance, how to perfectly portion your prepped meals, how to save time by cooking your foods in the right order, how to yield the right amount of cooked food, and recommended portion sizes to meet your calorie needs.

PowerPlate28 Meal Plan (7 days)– Give your body foods that are packed with nutrients, while abstaining from the unhealthy stuff. Feel more energized and fight bloating and fatigue! For seven days, focus on eating whole, minimally processed, and unrefined foods. This bundle includes 7 days out of the 28-day meal plan. It provides a daily menu guide, telling you exactly what to eat for each meal and snack, plus a detailed grocery list!




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