Exercise vs. Training

Do you go to the gym just to exercise or are you training your body? I was just reading a blog by T-Nation and loved their comparison of exercise vs. training. Read below: “Exercise is physical activity for its own sake, […]

Dietitian vs. Nutritionist

With more and more emphasis being placed on healthy eating, you probably hear about dietitians and nutritionists more frequently. Though some people (incorrectly) use the term interchangeably, there are a few big differences between these two job titles. I am […]

Food Spotlight: Quinoa

Quinoa I remember when we first met. It was about 6:00am, and I wasn’t really expecting anything special to happen that day. It was back in 2010, during my dietitian internship at The Ohio State University. Some interns and I […]

Boosting Metabolism

“Metabolism” is just a big, fancy word the means, “the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy (1).” Every time we eat and drink, our body has to break the food down into a form […]

What is a Calorie?

Did you know that a calorie is just a measurement of energy? The energy our bodies need daily is provided by the food and drinks we consume, which contain calories. Some foods provide more energy, or calories, than others. If […]

Quick Tips for Weekend Eating

You have worked hard during the week, so the normal mentality is to “treat” yourself over the weekend to whatever you desire. You deserve it right? Studies show that Americans eat more calories on weekend days (Friday-Sunday) than weekdays. Additional […]